#BookReview: Year of the Orphan by Daniel Findlay

9780143782070 - Copy

Most of em looked like they mighta once been human but that wun, that wund been more beast than anything else. Sum kinda merge like she’d heard in the darkest tale, a thing not quite all animal an smart enough to hunt ya blind. Beast enough to open ya up like barbed wire across the belly.

Daniel Findlay is an exciting new voice in Australian fiction, with his debut novel a stylistically brave and provocative page-turner!

The distinctive language draws you into a post-apocalyptic Australian landscape, wrought with destruction, desolation, and scavengers. Whilst some might find the main character’s dialogue jarring, the rhythm of the prose works with the Orphan herself and the unfolding narrative to paint an emotionally raw and devastated new world that weaves elements of classic dystopian novels to create something entirely different.

There is something believably chilling about ‘The System’ – a walled dessert community that fears the past and the undoing that it left – and an intensity that encompasses you as you read that will not relinquish until you’ve read right to the very eerie, yet somewhat hopeful end.

This is a book that deserves to become an Australian classic and is sure to devour a piece of your heart every time you read it!


Welcome to Mischa’s Library!

Dear Borrowers,

I have successfully completed a University degree! So, now what?

I am sure I’m one of the many lovers of creativity out there who has since completed a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and/or Creative Writing and longs to be back within the pages of knowledge. Although, there were (obviously) times when the stress of assignments got to me, there has been no other time in my 22 years that I have enjoyed more than writing about, discussing, and fuelling my love of literature.

For 3 years I have walked amongst 19th Century feminists, discovered Aphra Behn, Sarah Scott, and other long-lost influential female writers, spent time revelling in the Gothic with Catherine Moreland, entangled myself within the madness of The Yellow Wallpaper, slayed demons with Buffy (yes, for credit), got swept away by the landscape of Daphne du Maurier’s Cornwall, shared a room with Virginia Woolf, and laughed until my insides hurt within the pages of The Eyre Affair.

About to begin my Masters degree in Primary Teaching, I know that leisurely reading on the side and working part time in my local bookshop is not enough to fill the void. So… Here it is. This is how I will fill the void! I will share my library with you. I will share my thoughts on the books I read from YA to Austen, attempt to inspire your reading habits, involve you in book club discussion questions from the book clubs I run through work, and hope that I can help you fill the void.

Happy reading,